Patch Fiend

"Baba Yaga" - The Pit Bull Dog PVC Morale Patch


Spinning his nights in the Continental hotel, the "Baba Yaga" Pit Bull is ready to dish out a healthy dose of justice.

Dressed in the iconic dark gray suit and that skinny, skinny tie (but no pants) and surrounded by "Guns, lots of guns," a marker, and his trusty pencil, "Baba Yaga" is about to make yet another memorable evening. Remember, under no circumstance will you mess with his car...

The Pit Bull PVC Morale Patch is made of durable rubber. "Baba Yaga" is hook-backed so you can attach it to any loop or fuzzy surfaces like a car headliner, trunk liner, or your favorite patch wall, and measures 3.5″ by 3.25″.