Patch Fiend

"Einstein" - The Space Cowboy Corgi PVC Morale Patch

Until now, we've never had a non-tactical version of our corgi design...  but that has all changed with "Einstein," sometimes referred to as "Ein."

Two decades ago, an iconic anime made a loud Bebop with Jazz, Space, and one very famous Corgi. Inspired by "Einstein," the first Corgi we admired (and prompted us to adopt ours), this new take on the famous space corgi can now be added to your collection.

The Space Cowboy Corgi PVC Morale Patch is made of durable rubber. "Einstein" is hook-backed so you can attach it to any loop or fuzzy surfaces like a car headliner, trunk liner, or your favorite patch wall, and measures 2.5″ by 2.5″.