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Rick Roll QR Code "Scan Me" PVC Morale Patch

This PVC patch will never give you up or let you down... But it will totally troll your friends. A harmless looking QR code with "Scan Me, you won't regret it" printed underneath reveals one of the oldest tricks in the internet Meme book when your unsuspecting prey pulls out their phone and follows the instructions... It quickly and instantly takes you to the official YouTube page for Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" music video.

Boom... You just Rick Rolled them.

The Rick Roll QR Code "Scan Me" PVC Funny Morale Patch is made of durable but soft rubber so every scan is clean and easy. "Scan Me" is hook-backed so you can attach it to any loop or fuzzy surfaces like a car headliner, military backpack, military gear, patches for jackets, or your favorite patch wall, and measures 3.6″ by 2″.

This morale patch is a must-have for any collector, airsofter, military or service dog owner. The small moral patch, features a funny design that is sure to add some humor to your gear. The velcro backing makes it easy to attach to any backpack or harness. Not just for military or service dog owners, this tactical patch is also perfect for fans of anime or cool patches. It's a creative and fun way to express your interests.

The velcro patches make it easy to switch out your patch depending on your mood. Upgrade your gear today with our PVC patch - the perfect addition to any backpack or tactical bag.

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