Patch Fiend

"Chloe" the Tactical Dog - The TactiCorgi PVC Morale Patch


Sometimes you just have to believe you can do it… and summon your inner TactiCorgi!

Our Signature TactiCorgi is inspired by Chloe, Jonathan’s own “TactiCorgi.” This 3D PVC Morale Patch embodies all things "High Speed & Low Drag"...Even if those little legs don't allow the "high speed" part. "Chloe" is all about the can-do attitude, confidence, and sass!

The TactiCorgi PVC Morale Patch is made of durable rubber. "Chloe" is hook-backed so you can attach it to any loop or fuzzy surfaces like a car headliner, trunk liner, or your favorite patch wall, and measures 3" by 2″.